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What is PromoHeads?

PromoHeads is a pay-per-click search engine. We provide results for any search inquiry worldwide. You get the guaranteed profit when the inquiry is clicked, since any request a paid advertisement.

How does it work?

We've already done all work. Everything you need is to get a search feed and a simple program, which you should integrate into your websites. This will bring more surfers to your websites and simultaneously will give the profit to you. Disjunctively, you can send us your traffic.

What about the payment method?

Each click brings you a certain percentage of its cost. The payments are processed weekly without any hold. You can get the earnings via ePassporte, wire transfer or WebMoney in a short period after the previous payment.

What should I do to upgrade the account to the 'Maximum' feed with premium bids?

Use the Ticket System to contact our affiliate support center. State the traffic sources, which you wish to upgrade to the 'Maximum' feed. To get the detailed instructions, please, visit "What High Bids?" section inside the member's area.

Are the pop-ups allowed as an additional way of sending traffic?

Only valid actions are accepted as legal ones. All other methods are considered to be illegal. Every surfer must use a search box.

Do you accept partners from all countries?

Of course, we are glad to collaborate with webmasters from all over the world.

I see the same keywords, but the bids differ.

The matter is that for the traffic that is sent from the USA, Canada or Western European countries, where online spending habits are higher comparing with other countries, we have the highest bids. At the same time for the rest of the countries the bids may be lower.

Which exactly websites are allowed?

We accept any kind of websites, if they don't have illegal or forbidden content including, but not limited to viruses/malware, child pornography, bestiality, pirated software etc. If you violate this, then we'll have to block your account without any payments to you. In this case our further cooperation will be impossible.

Am I allowed to stimulate the surfers to click more by clicking on the search results myself?

This is strongly forbidden. Every click made by the surfer must express his interest in the search result. You are not allowed to stimulate the visitors somehow. If we get to know you send us traffic using the above mention method, we'll have to block your account and no payments will be processed.

Which skills are required to cooperate with PromoHeads?

If you want to earn cash by the instrumentality of PromoHeads, you should possess programming knowledge and some technical skills. It's a plus, if you know HTML.