The Terms and conditions

Please, acquaint yourself with the terms mentioned below.

When submitting the present form thereby you agree with all terms and conditions described below and enter into agreement with PromoHeads, becoming the participant of the Affiliate Program.

PromoHeads reserves the right to make changes in the Agreement. In this case you'll be informed about them via e-mail. If you consider the changes to be unacceptable, then you should let us know within 5 days to terminate the Agreement.

Both parties are autonomous and nothing in the Agreement is intended to or will create any kind of cooperation, franchise, joint venture, employment relationship between the parties or sales representative.

The parties of the Agreement are: PromoHeads and the Affiliate.


"Valid Click-through" surfer's click on a certain page, which directs him to our server. The click should be done by a human being, but not by any kind of software (ex: robots, scripts etc.)

"Search Box" is a form in which the surfer types any kind of query to get the search results.

"Your Site" is your website in which you should integrate our codes.

PromoHeads reserves the right to reject your application, if we find your website inadequate (you may familiarize yourself with the list of prohibitions below). If you don't agree with the declining you may to put in an application or request again.

You must be at least 18 years of old to participate in our Affiliate Program.
We provide our Affiliates with Search Boxes. This tool will allow your surfers to type any kind of retrieval requests.
We also supply the Affiliates with the Links, which allow the surfers to access PromoHeads search results.
You are allowed to display as much Links or Search Boxes as you wish.

PromoHeads pays its affiliates a certain percentage of the total sum collected by the Program in connection with every link to the paid listing. PromoHeads reserves the right to change the commission rates. You'll get paid only for those Click-thoughs that are properly used. We reserve the right to determine whether the Click-thoughs are valid. We don't make any payments to the affiliates except those (payments), which are earned via commissions on Click-thoughs.

Payment Period

We make the payouts every week on each Tuesday after the end of the week (Mon-Sun). Minimum sum for the payout is $50 (fifty USD).

  • Payout Fees
  • ePassporte - $2 per transaction
  • Bank wire - $55
  • Wire Transfer - $35
  • WebMoney - 1.5% (WM commission)

PromoHeads makes all payouts 4 times a month. The payments are processed in USD within one business day after the end of the Billing Period. Minimum sum for the payout is $50 (fifty USD). If your earnings are less then the mentioned sum, then the payout will be shifted to the next Payment Period.

The Agreement comes into effect when we get and accept your affiliate application and lasts till the termination according to this section. The Agreement may be terminated by each of the parties by sending 5 day notice to the other participant. Alongside with that the Agreement will be terminated, if the content on your website will be detected as illegal, suspicious or you'll use forbidden methods to send traffic.

Any notice should be sent via e-mail. We'll notify you to the mail box indicated during the registration, and you should use this one to contact us: [email protected]

You undertake to indemnify PromoHeads from any damages caused by incorrect working of your website. We, in turn, will try to keep our resources working. If any technical defects happen we'll do the darndest to solve the problem ASAP.

Pay attention that we don't cooperate with the sites, which contain:

  • Links to child pornography:
  • Any kind of participation in spam;
  • Any sort of misleading money making schemes;
  • Any sort of human differences;
  • Obscene, harmful or vulgar content;
  • Any sort of other illegal activity.

If we find the content on your website is suspicious or belongs to the categories mentioned above, we'll terminate your account immediately without any payments.

It's forbidden to create more than one account in the system with the exception of the cases when you get a written permission. We'll also cancel the account, if we find it's duplicated.

The Agreement between the Parties is legal. By signing up, the Affiliate agrees to all terms and conditions mentioned above. If you don't accept at least one of the items you are forbidden to participate in the Program.